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artboxONE offers you various materials for your wall art. Each of our artworks is available as a poster, aluminium print, canvas print, gallery print, wood print or framed poster. In addition, you can choose from lots of different sizes and formats, so that your apartment gets the decoration it deserves. In this section we'll present the materials and their characteristics. This way you can perfectly match the artwork and material to your home.

Cool materials for hot designs

Aluminium prints - durable elegance

  • 3 mm strong aluminimum dibond sheet
  • high-quality 7-colour direct printing
  • matt satin-like finish
  • almost no glare and extremely crisp print
  • wall mounting included

Canvas prints - the classic choice for stunning wall art

  • fine linen mix
  • high-quality inkjet printing
  • hand crafted with love
  • mounted onto a real wooden frame
  • artwork print folded over the edges
  • three-dimensional spatial effectli>

Premium posters - maximum colour brilliance

  • satin finish premium photo paper
  • 240 g/m2 paper
  • high-quality printing
  • high UV resistance
  • low glare

Framed posters - Perfectly fitting frames for your artworks

  • satin finish premium photo paper
  • 240 g/m2 paper
  • >
  • wood, plastic or metal frames
  • available in different colours
  • incl. mount

Phone cases - protect your phone in style

  • matt surface
  • crisp print
  • all around print incl. printed edges
  • fitting cut outs for all your plugs and gadgets
  • strong yet flexible material

Cushions - snuggle up to your favourite artwork

  • Cushion outside made from 100% polyester
  • Cushions inner made from 100% polyester
  • printed on both sides
  • removable cover with zipper
  • washable at 30°C


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Fairware certified
  • direct digital print
  • available in different sizes and colours
  • washable up to 40°C

What is your favourite printing material?

  • Alu-Print

    Aluminium print

    The satin finish of the brushed aluminium gives architectural and black-and-white pictures a high-quality appearance, as even the smallest details come out super detailed, crisply printed way. Also, the almost non-glare surface of aluminium is perfect if you wish to expose your print to direct sunlight, as the matt surface will prevent reflections (which you will get with framed posters as the sunlight will reflect in the glass). Thanks to the mirror plate wall hangers on the back of the smaller formats (up to 30 cm) and the high-quality rail suspension wall hanger on larger sizes, aluminium dibond prints can be hung quickly and easily and can be adapted to you needs.

  • Leinwandbilder

    Canvas print

    You should buy a canvas print, if you want to have your favourite artwork printed on a classic yet stylish material. You will especially love the three-dimensional effect, that you'll get through the canvas structure and the fact, that a canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame. As the wrapped areas are also printed, you will be able to see the full image from all directions. Canvas prints are also really light and make for the perfect solution in old houses with porous walls. Also, you'll be able to stand your canvas print on your sideboard or anywhere else. As a canvas print doesn't need specific wall hangers to be hung, you can simply hammer some nails into the wall or find any other hanging solution.

  • Poster

    Premium Poster

    artbONE offers curated artworks from young, international artists to a reasonable price. If you cannot yet afford an aluminium print or a canvas print, the premium poster is the way to go for you. You can get our premium poster prints in lots of different sizes - always printed on our matt high-quality 240g/m² photo paper. Premium posters can be hung anywhere, even in small spaces and are UV resistant, so even it'll even be fine in bright rooms.

  • Poster im Rahmen

    Framed poster

    Our framed posters are our absolute top seller. With a framed poster you will get all the colour brilliance of a premium matt photo paper poster combined with luxury quality of our wood, metal or plastic frames. To give your artwork that extra touch, we even add a cardboard mount to frame the artwork in the frame. Choose from real simple, black and white wooden frames, bronze, gold or silver metal frames, and white and black plastic frames.

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  • Galerie-Print

    Gallery print

    The gallery print is more than worthy to display any artwork to its maximum beauty. Be it a skyline of New York or a botanical print, the gallery print will bring out the absolute best of your artwork. The reason for this is, that our gallery prints are made up from an aluminium dibond plate, on which we print your artwork, and an acrylic glass plate, which we layer on top of the aluminium print. This way your print will not only be protected from scratches, it will also get a spacial depth effect through an acrylic glass plate making your artwork glow from the inside. A truely luxurious material to have your artworks printed on.

  • Handycover

    Phone case

    We offer lots of our artwork on phone cases, so that you can carry your favourite print with you at all times. Choose from five different phone case types and from different phone models, like iPhones or Samsung phones. There is something for everyone.

  • Holzbild

    Wood print

    Getting your artwork printed on all natural pine wood panels will bring you a little bit of nature into your own home. It might be a little heavy due to the wood print being absolutely 100% made from wood, but with its satin finish and the natural pine wood grain showing through the print you will never want to print on any other material. Wood prints lend themselves, especially well to prints of quotes, i.e. typography.

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