So, who actually is artboxONE and who’s in charge?

In this interview we’re opening the box and showing you what’s kept inside: May I present to you - Anke. She founded artboxONE with her team of photography lovers and trend enthusiasts, which we are now proud to have launched online.


Where did artboxONE come from? How did the project come about?

The actual idea for artboxONE came up as part of a longer process. With the steady growth and expansion of the product portfolio in ​​wall art, the Diginet GmbH & Co. KG has always been active in the subject of decoration. By offering a professional gallery of design and motifs, we were already accommodating our customer’s wish for special wall art. Yet, we noticed, that offering our customer’s 14 million pictures was simply too much, too big and not creative enough for modern taste. We thought, that we could do a better job in this!

My job has always provided me with lots of different opportunities to interact with our customers, which taught me a lot. For most people the home is a very special place: It’s a mirror of one's own personality and retreat at the same time. We want our home to be as individual as possible, so that people recognise our handwriting in it and we can feel fully ourselves at home.
This is where pictures play a very important role: To find motifs that fit your taste exactly isn’t an easy task. Plus, a lot of people wish for unique wall art, which they won’t find in every second apartment.

We have grown to be a large company and have developed great contacts to loads of artists and photographers, who have agreed to share their work with us. This is very much one of the main goals of artboxONE - we wish to find unknown artists and help them make a name for themselves and simultaneously offer you the chance to buy art, that will fit your unique style.



So finally 2014 the idea of artboxONE became reality with the great support of Daniel, the founder and managing director of Diginet GmbH & Co. KG. Our mission: To create a new platform on which we wish to offer our customers art as individual as themselves and at the same time create a platform for new, aspiring artists, photographers and designers.


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