Your dad will definitely be happy about a wall calendar! With 12 great motifs you have the perfect gift for the next year.

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With our Posters in Premium Quality you are sure to please your dad! We have some suitable motifs as a suggestion:

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For the dads who love to do puzzles, we have a wide range of puzzles. Our puzzles range from 112 to 2000 pieces. The sizes with 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 pieces are produced by Ravensburger, the two smaller sizes with 112 and 266 pieces are by artboxONE.

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Poster in a passe-partout

Make your dad happy and give him one of our great motifs in a passepartout. You can choose between the colours silver, black, copper and gold. So our great motifs in the frame go with any interior.

Gifts for the best man in the world

Finding an original gift idea for dad is not always easy. We have several of them in our selection. In many families, dad stands for strength and security, for love and affection. This calls for a gift that can express these qualities. The gift ideas for fathers come from the categories posters, advent calendars, mobile phone covers, wall pictures, mugs, puzzles and more.

Gifts for Dad for every occasion

You can give gifts to your father on many occasions. For example, on his birthday or on Ascension Day, also known as "Men's Day". An Advent calendar as a gift for dad is suitable for the atmospheric pre-Christmas period. Gift ideas for dad are particularly well received to express his love and appreciation for dad without a special occasion. Find the perfect gift for your dad in our online shop!

Gift ideas for dad in the highest quality

No matter which item you choose: We pay attention to quality. This begins with the use of high-quality materials and continues with the careful processing. Gifts for Dad can be found in the following categories:

  • Mobile phone cover
  • posters
  • Wall mural
  • Advent Calendar
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • Cushion
  • gift voucher

Gifts for dad to hang up

A particularly popular gift idea for dad is a wall mural with a matching motif. Dad can hang this up in his study, for example, or take it to the office. This way, everyone can see how loved dad is in his family. A gift for dad from our range is a particularly nice way of showing appreciation.

Modern gift ideas for dad

When it comes to finding a gift for dad, modern media should not go unnoticed. For example, our mobile phone cases. Dad often has his smartphone in his hand during the day and therefore has the opportunity to think of you. Any questions? Call us!