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We love art.

Therefore, we offer handpicked art prints and designs from international artists.

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Elisabeth Frederiksson

Elisabeth is a nature-loving artist and graphic designer from Sweden. She was born in 1987 and started being creative from an early age. At the age of 10 she started to paint and at 15 she got her first camera. Since that time photography has become a daily passion.

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David Diehl

David Diehl (*1976) is a freelance artist and illustrator from Zurich. He works analogously, yet multimedial and with a focus on collage and painting. He gained wide popularity with his series of football icons, which can now be purchased here at artboxONE.

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Michael Tompsett

Michael Tompsett has been interested in art and design since the early childhood days. So much so, that his weekly art lessons became his main highlight. After fnishing school and university, he was lucky enough to continue his passion and work as a senior designer in London.

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Lily & Val

Lily & Vals one of a kind gifts, cards and decorative items reflect the small pleasures of life, so you always have a reason to smile. Each motif is illustrated by hand by Valerie McKeehan and reflects her sense of sleekness and elegance, which is then shown in her embellishment, flowers, typographies and enchanting illustrations.

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Boris Draschoff

In 2010 the Berlin-based fashion photographer Boris Draschoff launched the Kubistika project, which was originally planned as a temporary art project. By now, numerous paintings and illustrations have been created in the course of this work, of which we proudly present a selection.

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Paul Fuentes

My father was a musician and my mother is a designer. Therefore, I have always been surrounded by creativity. I never consciously decided to do this, but simply relied on my gut feeling.

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Julia Bruch

Julia's passion for photography began with the single lens reflex camera of her father, which she soon used all the time. She especially liked to capture the environment around her. It began with the macro-photography, but currently she has moved away from grass and flowers and now looks at the larger image of things and for interesting compositions.

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