Acrylic Planner

Here you will find our great planners in different designs. Whether it's a monthly or weekly planner, there's something for everyone here. You can also enter your tasks or to-dos. And the best thing is, when the deadlines are over and the tasks have all been completed, you can just wipe them away and write new ones. Thus, our planners become your faithful organizer and daily companion.

How to use

The planners only fulfill their purpose as acrylic glass pictures. The surface can only be written on with suitable pens, which can then be wiped off without leaving any residue. These are fat pencils, board markers and colored pencils especially for smooth surfaces such as acrylic glass.

Before writing or painting, the surface must be free of dust, grease and dirt. A soft, lint-free cloth, warm water and a dash of washing-up liquid are all you need to clean acrylic glass. A special plastic cleaner is advisable for heavier soiling.

Please note that the pens are not included.