Wedding gifts to make you say YES

Do you want to surprise a very awesome couple with a very special gift for their big day? Or are you looking for some great interior design ideas for your own wedding? Then we have some awesome ideas for you. We have compiled a list of our most beautiful artworks for couples and some fabulous gift ideas that aren't only unique but will leave a lasting memory in the lucky couple's home. From tender love messages to stand-out statements about love: Discover exquisite art to match any happy ending!

Our crowned initials are a personal and absolutely timeless gift for all couples - a wonderful expression of love not only for weddings.

This mug combo is guaranteed to make your 'happily ever after' last longer than the next morning. Makes a cute little wedding gift in itself or can be used to fill with other small gifts.

This allusion to "Beauty and the Beast" personifies the unique love that'll lead to your happy end. But love is more than a happy end. It's the union of two souls sharing beauty and strength.

He is her lion, she is his lioness - together they are strong and their love absolutely regal. This combination belongs - quite rightly - to our top sellers for couples and lovers and makes for a very royal wedding gift.

I now pronounce you husband and wife. But what does that actually mean? We have the perfect definitions for all those clueless people.

Even long after the wedding, this combination of artworks will remind every couple of what is really important - and that it sometimes doesn't take more than simple, beautiful love to be really happy.

These prints are the right choice of wedding gift for the fashion-conscious couples. Minimalism is here and these artworks express their message without any frills attached.

Some people just belong together. Because they are absolutely perfect and simply wonderful. These mugs are just as inseparable and will doubly boost your caffeine level in the morning.

There's hardly a more infamous love story (maybe Romeo and Juliet). Are you looking to make a gift to a couple as close to each other as Bonnie and Clyde (until the bitter end)? Then this T-shirt combination is the perfect choice.

This design combination understands marriage like no other: Mr Right and Mrs Always Right aren't one of our bestsellers for no reason.

Typographies are a wonderful way of honouring love. Inspiring quotes will remind every couple again and again of what is really important in life.

After the wedding follows the honeymoon and some exciting weeks of travelling. Often a small cash boost for the travel funds is at the top of the wish list of the couple. Combine your monetary gift with a cool world map that makes you want to travel the world and find adventure!

Two kindred spirits have found each other, have fallen in love and are now having a wedding to mark their love. Our definition of "Soul Mate" matches this perfectly.

You want the whole world to know that this couple simply belongs together? Our shirts will make it very clear who is the greatest couple of all time.

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