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How to make your own Gallery Wall

Gallery Walls are trendy. They are a wonderful way to personalise your home and show who you are and what you love. But from the idea to the perfect implementation, it's not always that easy. In our little "How to" we will show you how to plan your Gallery Wall and take it to the wall. There aren't many rules (yay!), but some things you should consider in advance - and some tricks that will make it easier for you.

Be prepared

It's all about being prepared! If you think about your Gallery Wall in advance, it will be easier for you to put your work on the wall later. We have some tips for you on how to make designing your Gallery Wall as easy as possible.

What you need:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Gift or wrapping paper
  • Pins (or tape)
  • A pencil
  • A spirit level
  • And of course your pictures

Choose the right pictures

There are many pictures - but which ones are the right ones for me? For example, look at which colours dominate your room. Try to adopt existing tones and set some highlights. Your Gallery Wall will benefit from subtle designs with small coloured highlights. Not all pictures have to jump at you from the wall.

Combine different picture sizes as well as portrait and landscape formats. You should also add a variety of frames and hangers - but make sure that the colour and material mix match. Otherwise yo, your Gallery Wall will soon look too turbulent.

Determine gaps

How much space do you have, how many pictures do you want to use and how big should they be? The more detailed your planning is, the easier it will be to bring your pictures to the wall later.

Our tip: Look at the size of the area on which you want your Gallery Wall to be built. Lay out a piece of gift or wrapping paper in the appropriate size. Then you can arrange your pictures in peace until you like the composition. This way you can exchange pictures and make adjustments before you have hammered ally your nails into the wall.

Sketch pictures

If you like your arrangement, draw the outlines of your pictures on the paper. When you're done, flip the framed prints and place them next to their outline. This way you can mark the spot on the paper where you will have to hammer in the nail. This way, the pictures will hang at the right height afterward.

Up unto to the wall with it

Tape the sheet of paper with the scetched images to the wall with pins, Scotch tape or Pattafix. This way you can see exactly where you have to place the nails without having to measure the distances between the pictures again and again. Take two or three steps back and look at it from a distance. Is the Gallery Wall where you want it? Take your time to find the perfect position and then get started!

Nailed it!

You've hung the paper up and it looks exactly as you want it to be? Used the spirit level? Perfect! Then let's get this party going.

Hammer the nails through the paper. When you're done, you just rip the paper off the wall. The spacing between the nails is now perfect for hanging your Gallery Wall exactly the way you want it to be.

Hanging your pictures

hang your pictures. Use a spirit level to adjust their positions and voilá! Your Gallery Wall is ready and now the most amazing feature of your home

Our tip: Combine different picture hangers and frames to mix up your Gallery Wall a bit.

Best of all: You can keep changing your Gallery Wall. You can make it bigger or switch some pictures when you get tired of them. This way your Gallery Wall stays as individual and stylish as yourself.

Even more design ideas

You want even more design ideas for your home? Be it a Gallery Wall, new prints or awesome design combinations, you can find all that and more on our Instagram-Account.

Or do you have beautiful decorating ideas of your own and would like to show everyone how amazing one can display artboxONE products? Then post your pictures on Instagram with #artboxone and with a little luck we'll share your idea with our followers!

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